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Why Buffalo Goddess?

Buffalo Goddess Society remembers and honors the sacred buffalo nation who once roamed all of Mother Earth. The most widespread cult of the ancient world surrounded Goddess worship which was accompanied by the Bull. This symbol represents the entire range of humanity and is the ultimate power of the Goddess. All of life comes from the divine womb of our mother. Strikingly similar to each other, the Fallopian tubes and the horns of the Bull are a direct representation of the union between feminine and masculine. We celebrate sacred worship of our buffalo relatives through various traditions around the globe. She is the Crescent Horned Moon Goddess: Inanna, Hathor, Isis, Hera, Ishtar, Astarte, Luna, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Twin Deer Woman, to name a few. There is more to discuss in the future regards to her Greatness indeed!

One of the most important stories in Native American mythology is that of the White Buffalo Calf Woman. Whope, Falling Star appeared to Earth from the West and transformed into Pte San Win. The Chanupa, Sacred Pipe was brought to the people for peace between people and nations. The White Buffalo Calf Woman intervenes in our lives when there is hardship. She and the bufffalo are one, an equation between nourishment and reproduction. Tatanka Sicun, Buffalo Spirit represents the energy of life as food and shelter for the people. Humans are being called to speak to the Buffalo Nation by way of song and prayer.