Buffalo Goddess was created through a culmination of visions and teachings received under the Divine Feminine altars of North America. We believe this is our chance to consciously and effectively intervene in our own cultural evolution. By bringing back the Goddess consciousness, we as a people are awakening our primordial memories. Merging the physical and spiritual as well as the masculine and feminine, we honor the sacred Crescent Moon Horned Goddess. Now is the time to intend this rebirth of the Great Goddess in all of her aspects. We embrace each man and woman through creative expressions flowing forth from Spirit as they did through our ancestors. In light and darkness, beneath the surface of our domesticated world, primitive instincts and the symbolic mind spring forth. The Goddess is remembered and honored while we witness the rebirth of a balanced new era.

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Buffalo Goddess

Andrea Long
P.O. Box 591
Crestone, Colorado 81131

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Here are directions to 4266 Rambling Way:

From Highway 17, after turning onto road "T" towards the town of Crestone, take a right on Camino Baca Grande (there is an information kiosk on the corner) for a mile and a half to Camino Real then take a right. Pass two trees in the middle of the road. Take a left onto Wagon Wheel Road. Drive until the stop sign then take a left into Camino Del Rey. At the next stop sign take a right onto Camino Baca Grande. In about 100 feet the pavement turns to gravel then take your next left onto Fallen Tree Overlook. Take the next right onto Rambling Way. Buffalo Goddess house is the second house on the right with tipis and sweat lodge set back from the road. You can't miss it! 


At an early age Andrea showed an interest in the balance and flow of colors and overall feeling of any given subject. Spending numerous hours playing in the woods of her rural Michigan home, it was natural for her to commune with Spirit through the elements that surrounded her. She enjoyed the freedom of sharing her creative talents from within.

Before leaving home Andrea assisted her mother in running a women’s wearable art store. After years of taking on the responsibility of store displays, she decided to go to college to pursue her interests in the field of fashion. She graduated from Ray College of Design in Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management with a minor in Visual Merchandising.

The years to follow were spent searching for a deeper understanding and connection beyond the material world. This self-exploration of the different realms led her to Crestone, Colorado where she would eventually create her new life. Andrea completed her Certification in massage and other healing modalities from the Crestone Healing Arts Center. Shortly after Andrea met her husband, Christopher Long, who would introduce her to new possibilities through the Native American path. As a stay at home mother of two in the pristine mountains of Colorado, Andrea had the space to re-explore her creative roots while growing her connection to the Great Mystery. Founders of The Singing Stone, Christopher and Andrea Long now assist others in experiencing life changing Indigenous Ceremonies.

Instruction painting in watercolor was received from Andrea’s mother who is a successful artist. Her passion for the arts has become a joyful spiritual expression. Invoking the Goddess in her many aspects, there is a stream of Spirit manifesting through painting, singing and dancing. This heartfelt outpouring of the seen and unseen world is captured through these various mediums. Andrea’s dedication to the Divine Feminine has become her life’s purpose.

As a Pipe Carrier, Sundancer, Dream Dance Leader, and Road Woman with the Native American Church, Andrea Long is committed to following this sacred path in a mature and socially responsible way for the community at large. As a result of visions and teachings received under the Divine Feminine lineages of North America, Andrea Long has birthed Buffalo Goddess. This spiritual group explores sacred mysteries as well as celebrates the endless beautiful manifestations of Spirit in this world. Through traditional ceremonies, dance, melodies, fine art, as well as ancient crafts, expressions of the Goddess are experienced in a wildly rich community. By respectfully honoring the Divine Feminine, we are consciously living our prayers while lifting one another up. In kindness and truth, through intention and effort, we are returning home.

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Artwork by Andrea Long

Andrea Long is one of the founders of The Singing Stone, a Non Profit organization dedicated to the practice and preservation of Indigenous Ceremonies. Located in the pristine mountains of Crestone, Colorado, Andrea assists as a Leader in Ceremonies such as Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge, All Night Tipi Meetings, Yuwipi, as well as Ghost Dance. Traveling to various locations across the United States as well as to other countries, Andrea facilitates many of these transformative rituals for those who are in need. Along with offering life changing methods of healing, Andrea supports various leaders and groups by singing songs in the Lakota language for Sundances and other traditional Ceremonies.

To learn more about The Singing Stone visit www.thesingingstone.com