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Arise Music Festival Talks and Songs with Andrea Long

  • Arise Festival 100 Sunrise Ranch Road Loveland, CO, 80538 United States (map)

Hello friends! I would like to let everyone know about 2 song workshops and Goddess Teachings I will be offering in Wisdom Village at Arise Festival from August 7th through the 9th in Loveland, Colorado. It will be a great time to dance, sing, and play. I hope to see you there!

Rebirth of a Balanced New Era

How may we effectively intervene in our own cultural evolution? Patriarchal Religions have reigned on the majority of our Mother Earth for approximately 2,000 years. Each one of us has the power to play our part as we return to a balanced consciousness between the divine feminine and masculine. Andrea Long will be holding sacred space for those drawn to experience the healing power of traditional Lakota Ceremonial as well as contemporary Native American Church songs. She will be teaching songs in the Lakota language, some of which are so ancient that they are lost in antiquity. By experiencing first hand the medicine of these specific songs, an awareness is attained that will forever reside in one’s soul. Along with learning songs, a discussion centering around primordial Goddess cultures from around the world will open up our faith that a utopia is indeed attainable. As a mother, singer, dancer, artist, and Spiritual Leader, Andrea’s message is clear and simple. “Now is the time for every man, woman, and child to remember, honor, and uplift the Divine Feminine through creative expression as well as daily interactions.” This cultural exploration of linking rather than ranking between men and women focuses on equality where there is no hierarchy. Now it is time for us to be responsible for the future of all beings as we are all one Spirit.

Women’s Lakota Songs and Moon Time

Andrea Long invites the women to gather in a collective transcendental symphony of the Divine Feminine through sacred songs in the Lakota language. These songs are a gift for all women to share with one another so that we may once again rise together in joyful prayers for all of our relations. Andrea welcomes women of all ages and backgrounds to join in discussion surrounding our responsibilities as beings naturally connected to the Crescent Moon Goddess. As our Grandmothers have done since before recorded history, we the women enter into our own powerful ceremony each month. Speculated to be the origin of all rituals, moon time (menstruation) is not to be taken for granted. Flesh and blood, these physical manifestations of Spirit have the incredible capability to give life as well as to cleanse our bodies, minds, and emotions. The womb of creation resides within each woman whether we choose to give birth or not. Cycles continue in the circle of life regardless of where we come from or how we live our lives. Dancing, singing, creating, we are the women that our ancestors prayed for. We are muske, sisters dancing together as we always have been.

You may read more about Rhythm Sanctuary’s Women’s Group at Arising Women Facebook

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