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Women’s Sacred Circle Gathering

  • Joyful Journey Hot Springs 28640 County Road 58EE Moffat, CO, 81143 United States (map)

Women’s Sacred Circle Gathering 


Joyful Journey Hot Springs

Sunday, November 22nd

6:00 – 8:30 p.m


The local rate will be $10 to soak for those who attend. Details are below and feel free to share this with friends (There is a poster in an attachment as well). Mark your calendars and join in Ceremony and Celebration!


Ask yourself these questions for our upcoming November Circle: In this dark phase of the year when we are turning inward and there is more time spent in the dark and in the warmth of the home, how do you find yourself handling it? What is the tone of your day to day state? Are you pensive? Sad? Creative? How are you discovering your shadow side? Dreaming? Mysteries of your life? Are you experiencing resistance to life and how are you dealing with this? Are you feeling an urge for solitude? Self nurturing?  


Also for our November Circle:  

  1. To represent you, your dreams and visions, please bring a 3-foot piece of ribbon, yarn or sturdy thread – we will begin to weave a sacred hoop together which we will add onto at each month’s circle.
  2. Discussion of David Deida’s “Enlightened Sex.”  We will send you the 6-CD set to listen to in preparation for this month’s circle so PLEASE REGISTER as soon as possible so you will have time to listen to all the material:

We all carry both masculine and feminine essence and our expression of each is continually shifting. When we understand what forces are moving us, we can choose to either access the power of our evolved masculine or feminine, or to unknowingly submit to the patterns of fear or anger of our unevolved masculine or feminine essence at any moment. It is each of our responsibilities to courageously see and “grow” our unconscious essences to become full and whole human beings with unlimited potential to thrive and create joy on the planet… bringing acceptance, balance and harmony to our inner life and to our relationships.



At each Monthly Women’s Sacred Circle: 

EMBODY – Movement, ritual, dance, yoga, sing, toning, massage, or in some way get grounded and centered in our bodies. 

EMPOWER – Supporting conscious use of our Feminine power and directing it towards the highest purposes. Mirroring and sharing our passions and paths. Recognizing our deep resonance with the essence of Grandmother Moon and cycles within cycles, we naturally honor ourselves, each other, and all that is.  

EVOLVE – Knowledge: Each month, a theme and book/audio to expand understanding of self as a woman in culture/relationship/body. Exploring the Great Goddess in her totality throughout time we gain a broader perspective of who we are and where we are going. Remembering how to be courageous and create more conscious choices in our lives.


We look forward to spending time together growing, sharing, connecting, and bringing back the Divine Feminine Consciousness to our planet. Details are below. Please contact us if you plan on attending. See you soon!

Andrea Long and Sherry Summers


Andrea Long

The Singing Stone 

Buffalo Goddess Society




Sherry Summers

Yoga Teacher, ERYT 500 Hrs.