San Luis Valley Petroglyphs

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Some terrain of the San Luis Valley.

Some terrain of the San Luis Valley.

The Singing Stone, the home of our Goddess altar, rests at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Crestone, Colorado. Our high mountain desert terrain is full of abundance with wildlife in the forms of animals, herbs, berries, as well as continuous flowing pristine water. Along with this abundance in the form of radiant life, there are amazing petroglyphs and pictographs still existing which archaeologists claim, in some locations, to date back 8,000 years.  

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The San Luis Valley in southern central Colorado is estimated to be one of the oldest  archaeological sites in North America. Paleoindians migrated to the region of the San Luis Valley near the close of the last ice age 12,000 years ago. They depended on hunting mammoths and ancient bison as shown by items found such as artifacts and pictures both carved and printed with red ochre. In the pictures shown here there is obviously a story that is being expressed. We can guess that most likely they were a Goddess culture since naturally humans revered the Ancient Mother as giver of life prior to the time of Patriarchal takeover. Nonetheless, it is certainly a treasure to witness these expressions which were created so long ago.

We invite you to join us on a field trip some time to explore this special part of our Valley’s history.


Glastonbury, England 2014

Traveling across the big waters was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I could not even sleep with the thought that we were going to actually step foot on the lands so far away which I’ve always dreamed to go to. It took a week or so after arriving for the feeling to set in of my Spirit coming home to these lands. Even though I am not of English descent, it was the feeling that some of my ancestors came from the countries close by, Ireland and Scotland.

Chris and I were met with enthusiastic and warm greetings. It was a new and enriching time bringing Traditional Ceremonies from our lineage to the people of the UK. Creating new family in this way was certainly magical. One moment I will never forget took place in a Ceremony in our friend Paul Chant’s apple orchard . Our intention had to do with connecting to the Ancient Spirits of the land and the energies were deep. As Chris prayed with the power tobacco the smoke from the fire created an unmistakeable dragon form in the air. It was dancing around and huge! He prayed for quite some time and as he was concluding his prayer, the dragon swirled around and sunk back into the fire. I was in complete awe as I’ve seen some amazing things but this was an entirely different living entity formulated from the smoke of the fire. Later many of us confirmed seeing the dragon which was a welcomed confirmation for me.

Andrea at the entrance into the Avebury Goddess Temple.

Andrea at the entrance into the Avebury Goddess Temple.

Visiting the underground Goddess Temple of Avebury had to be one of the highlights of our trip. Entering this sacred, ancient chamber shaped as a Goddess with such a prehistoric energy about it was incredible. The town of Avebury has the largest stone circle in the world. From Neolithic times, this Sacred area was disrespectfully turned into a small town with buildings erected right in the middle of the stone circles!   

Praying in Avalon with all of its rich history was indeed a treat. Knowing that we were right there where so many stories were written was a magical feeling; the story of King Arthur, The Lady of the Lake, medieval romances, and healing spring waters right where they have always been. In the town of Glastonbury, the obvious remembrance of Earth based Pagans fighting to preserve ancient teachings was familiar to what we have been reminded of on Turtle Island (U.S.). As the Native Americans have been mistreated by settlers in recent years, the same scenario has taken place all over our planet at different times when opposition has used force to conquer.

Seeing Goddess images everywhere we went in town made me incredibly happy. Theatrical and seemingly eccentric modern day witches and Celtic Artists abounded through town which wasn’t so far from being different than Crestone! Maybe it was because we were in another country and so far away from home but it was refreshing for me. Perhaps it was because I was a tourist but I liked the wildness and rebelliousness of it all. If you haven’t visited Glastonbury and you love Pagan anything, you should definitely go.

Chris and Andrea practicing in Glastonbury for the next Yuwipi.

Chris and Andrea practicing in Glastonbury for the next Yuwipi.

Would you like to go on a tour of Glastonbury and experience ceremonies from the Americas while connecting to the Spirits of these lands? Let us know and maybe we’ll see you there!

-Andrea Long